SDSU Summer 2024 Global Seminar Now Open for Registration!

Two Sessions to Select From!
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Session I: June 16-28. 2024
Session II: July 7-19, 2024

This program examines the history of anatomy in the medical curriculum and its connection to Italian Renaissance art and culture. Masterpieces are considered from an anatomical perspective, revealing how the painters and sculptors from centuries ago were also students of anatomy.

Explore where anatomy as a modern science was founded as you walk the halls of William Harvey and enter the dissection theatre of Gabriele Falloppio.

Enjoy all that Italy has to offer such as the world’s greatest cuisine, the fountains of Rome, and the canals of Venice!

This 3-unit, Faculty-Led Global Seminar meets SDSU’s College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) undergraduate international experience requirement, and fulfills the GE, Explorations, Area C: Humanities graduation requirement.

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