Europe in Summer 2019

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Connecting Art and Anatomy in Europe
June 16-28, 2019

Anatomia Italiana offers an entirely new program Connecting Art and Anatomy in Europe! This itinerary offers a symposium-like experience as it visits university anatomy museums along with the world’s greatest works of art depicting human anatomy as a science in London, The Netherlands, and Paris. At these museums we’ll have an opportunity to meet and speak with curators and historians for first hand insights.

Four Nights in London
In recognition of 500 years since his death, the Royal Trust Collection will exhibit hundreds of Leonardo’s unparalleled anatomical drawings at Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace in 2019, the largest exhibition of Leonardo’s work in over 65 years. The City on the Thames also offers The Wellcome Library for a private viewing of original ancient anatomical texts such as The Fabrica by Vesalius, along with a lecture by a rare books curator at the library. The stunning Gordon Museum of Pathology at King’s College offers anatomical wax sculptures by Joseph Towne as well as some of Europe’s oldest anatomical specimens for a symposium by experts in the history of the museum and the role of ceroplastics in medical education. The original 1822 Old Operating Theatre – Europe’s oldest – provides a presentation about the history of medicine in the Victorian era. No trip to London would be complete without visits to other destinations such as Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world!

Three Nights in Amsterdam
The Connection between Art and Anatomy comes alive through the painters of the Dutch Golden Age, as we visit museums in Amsterdam and The Hague to see Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp. Marvel as well at other remarkable paintings from this era such as The Milkmaid and Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer! Amsterdam also offers the anatomical theatre of The Waag – the location depicted in Rembrandt’s anatomical lessons; as well as Museum Vrolik at the University of Amsterdam, containing perhaps the largest teratological collection in the world with many specimens dating back to the 18th century. Optional activities include a visit to the Anne Frank House, the Van Gough Museum, and a cruise along Amsterdam’s charming canals.

Five Nights in Paris
Our unique itinerary includes the History of Medicine Museum at Université Paris Descartes, containing rare medical instruments and ancient anatomical specimens. But of course the City of Lights offers wine, cuisine, and culture like no other city in the world, so a day exploring the French countryside for wine and cheese tasting is a must, and of course The Palace of Versailles, as well as The Louvre, perhaps the world’s greatest collection of art. A free day in France offers so many opportunities such as a trip to the D-Day Landing Beaches of Normandy, and many Mannerist museums.

Connecting Art and Anatomy in Europe is open to anyone interested in discovering the deeper layers of European culture. Educated travelers, lovers of art, science, cuisine and wine, are invited to participate. Professional development credit is available through the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Institute (HAPS-I).


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